Callum Thurgar

Having a love for all things Automotive when I was a young know it all teenager was what first drove me to want to pick up the camera, I used to see all these amazing images on forums and wanted to learn how to recreate that.

I’d always picked up the camera at a young age and been interested in taking photos. Once I turned 18 and had my license I got right into the automotive photography world and loved it.

4 years ago I started learning how to take portraits and really show the best side of people in these images.

Soon after that my best friend from childhood asked me to photograph her wedding, I said yes and the rest was history, since then we have helped a lot of couples capture their big day and remember all the special times that happen during and are gone within a flash. Now we’d love to help you, please check out our portfolio and pricing above and if your interested get in touch. We’d love to work with you to capture whatever photos you are after.


Runner up Bridal Choice Awards 2019

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